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 Magnetic Operator Blinds Between Glass
 Electronic Remote Blinds Between Glass
 Three Glass Two Hollow
 Laminated Glass
 External Blinds
 Insulated Glass


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     SuZhou Jin Zhi Hua Building Material Technology which establish at 2013. We focus on product research and production, our mission is providing better quality, better service and lower cost products to our customer.
    In the past 5 years, our diligence and intelligence get customer and social¡¯s recognition. We developed both domestic and export market.
    In the upcoming 5 years, we¡¯re continuing enlarge the investment in product developing; work hard to provide technology, environmental, comfortable products to customer. We¡¯re optimizing our supply chain and product design to provide customize and efficient service. 
    We have confidence in this challenge and opportunity market, JinZhiHua will grow faster and become greater and more professional!
    Innovation, Trust, Aggressive are our direction to success, also are our motivation move forward. We are going to use our extraordinary quality; service and professional team grow up with our customer from ¡°Made in China¡± to ¡°Creation in China¡±

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